Partnership Building Survey

Thank you for participating in my research blog!! With your help, we may be of some benefit to others who are trying to build and live more self-reliant lifestyles.

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Your answers may be incorporated into a blog post I’m writing here on my website I have […]

Partnership Building AKA: So you want to Build a House with your Spouse?

muddy couple feet earthbag building

Sharing the muddy work of making cob

“You’re not doing what I asked!” he yelled. “Of course! If I did what you asked, it’d be all crooked!” I responded.

“Just hold the ends with both hands straight out and keep it tight,” he commanded.

“I am!”

“But you weren’t. And that’s why this part […]

Reflections on January, 2015

Reflections on January 2015: Thinking Outside the Box-Kitchen

A new year. I have never really agreed with the calendar that the middle of winter marks the new year. Maybe its the new year for the commercial world or the Gregorian calendar, but for me, the new year is when I can begin to smell Spring […]

Reflections on October, 2014

October Evenings

Welcome, October! How I love the cooler temperatures, the receding of the grasshoppers, and the tranquility of light. When the sun begins to lower its passage across the sky, its intensity seems to lessen, and its light embellishes the landscape in a softer glow. The leaves have just barely begun to change […]

Reflections on March, 2014

Starting Seeds, Hugelkulturs, and Earthbag Rows!

I think maybe its because February is short that we expect for March to be long. However, it always seems to fly by with a quickness, taking with it the cold out of our bones, and adding some green grass to brighten our gloomy spirits. Maybe losing […]