Reflections on December, 2013

Weather, Climate, Travels and Earthquakes

Remnants of Fall in the Snow

Oklahoma‚Äôs Decembers are intermittently cold. We had 4 days in a row of freezing temps and blowing winds so frigid, I felt sorry for the trees, standing alone and naked. Then we had 3 days in a row at 60 degrees, with […]

Why Build with Earth?

“In a bitter irony, “modern” homes not only threaten the health of the planet, they threaten the health of those they are intended to shelter.” ~Dan Chiras, author of The Natural House First, a Look at Conventional Homes:

“Modern” home with modern storm damage.

Mother Earth’s Wear and Tear

The third little piggy built […]

Eco Levels

There are a few names that come to mind when learning about permaculture. Bill Mollison, of course, as “father of permaculture,” Sepp Holzer, being the Austrian author of Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture, and then there’s Paul Wheaton, the father of He is arrogant in a way which is quite understandable, as he developed what he […]