Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Reference Resource List

This list is meant to be an exhaustive compilation of all the resources I have used to learn about homeschooling my children. It is mostly a personal reference guide that I can refer to in the future, but it may also be helpful to many mothers at any phase of their […]

H.O.M.E.School Journal: “Pre” School

shelf with homeschool books

An idea came to me while listening to a homeschool podcast the other day. Particularly, Pam Barnhill’s Homeschool Snapshots podcast. She interviews homeschool moms and asks them all the same or similar questions, so you get a really good view of their common and not-so-common worries, rewards, and inspirations. Most parents get very excited about […]

Top Secular (Or Nearly Secular) Homeschooling Podcasts

Podcasts 2016


Having recently acquired an addiction to podcasts, I find myself listening to them when I’m doing the mundane chores of life; dishes, making cob (or other natural building tasks) hanging and folding laundry, etc. I have also recently acquired a passion for homeschooling. This fall (2016) we’ll be taking our son out of […]