My Year in Books: 2017

2017 reading challenge

2017 has been an exceptional reading year for me, given the circumstances. Through childbirth and breastfeeding, continuing work on the earthbag home, and all the usual joys of family life, I was still able to prioritize reading.

This was my first year attempting a reading challenge. I got the idea from my Facebook book […]

Our Second H.O.M.E. Farm Home-Birth Story

Click here to read the first home birth story from 2014.

Little eartbag birth on the prairie

I was due sometime around the latter half of March, 2017. When I started having contractions on the 10th, I was a little worried, but decided to move on with business as usual until I felt like […]

Birth Art: Preparing for Birth

Preparing for Childbirth: My Birth Art Experience

“The fear and anxiety panged through my mind and made my palms sweat. I felt the contractions radiate through my back and knew that labor was beginning. I glanced over at my landscape birth art and reminded myself that I should trust my body.” -From the soon to […]


August, Pre-Eclipse 2017

How can I express this endless gratitude… Long days, hot sun, stings and sweat. Ankles itching with no regret. How can I express this gratitude… this aching, expansive feeling of life creating and dying before my eyes while grass blades cut my hands and a redwinged blackbird sings a song that […]

Our H.O.M.E. Farm Home-Birth Story

Disclaimer: This story contains very real human experiences and photos that may be too unconventional for some individuals. Read at your own risk, and remember, its okay to be open-minded. Your brain isn’t going to fall out.

On June 4th I got up in the morning and felt a tiny contraction, just a hint of […]