Our Second H.O.M.E. Farm Home-Birth Story

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Little eartbag birth on the prairie

I was due sometime around the latter half of March, 2017. When I started having contractions on the 10th, I was a little worried, but decided to move on with business as usual until I felt like […]

Birth Art: Preparing for Birth

Preparing for Childbirth: My Birth Art Experience

“The fear and anxiety panged through my mind and made my palms sweat. I felt the contractions radiate through my back and knew that labor was beginning. I glanced over at my landscape birth art and reminded myself that I should trust my body.” -From the soon to […]

Our H.O.M.E. Farm Home-Birth Story

Disclaimer: This story contains very real human experiences and photos that may be too unconventional for some individuals. Read at your own risk, and remember, its okay to be open-minded. Your brain isn’t going to fall out.

On June 4th I got up in the morning and felt a tiny contraction, just a hint of […]

To Lose (And Then Find) a Dog: A Short Story

Many moons ago, after high school but before college, I left home and traveled around the country. A free spirit some called me, I chose not to hitchhike as some others I knew did. Instead I drove my black ’94 5 speed Mazda car named Taye-Diggable. I lived on handouts and frequented dumpsters, making […]

Saying Goodbye to Southern Illinois

Loadin’ up!

During my last semester at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois, I was faced with a decision that was not really all that difficult to make. The factors influencing my choice of universities within Illinois were narrowed down, in order of importance by: price, parent review of the elementary […]