Reflections on December, 2016

Once upon a time there was a small family. A strong man, a long-haired woman, and two young and rambunctious boys. They lived in Oklahoma, where the wind comes right behind the rain. They were building a house for themselves, out of dirt. One day, they realized they needed some more timbers for the porch […]

Reflections on November, 2016

I need chocolate. I mean, really need chocolate. “The struggle is real,” they say, or “First world problems,” they say. Well “they” actually live in this “first world.” I know, that was way too many quotation marks. Such is the real world. Quote, unquote all the hardships that people must go through in life to […]

Reflections on October, 2016

October is a second spring in this region. Plants that appeared desiccated to their death have reawakened. Fall rains and cooler temps have granted them new life. So many of the trees we planted in spring were presumed dead after the summer heat, grasshopper pressure, and accidental grazing of the cows. 4 out of 6 […]

Reflections on September, 2016

Delicious tomatoes, the juiciest cantaloupe, and a giant bag of okra kicked off this September of 2016. They didn’t come from our soil of course, but the Lawton Farmer’s Market where I sold a bit of soap and got to chat with like-minded people. I fried those okra in the cast iron over a hot […]

Reflections on August, 2016

In case you were wondering, building a house is exhausting. I mean serious, fall-asleep-before-your-head-hits-the-pillow exhausting. We’ve been at this house-building business for 3 years now and I am tired! I’m tired of climbing up on the roof, looking for misplaced tools, cobbing and re-cobbing, cooking on fires and unconventional stoves, traipsing to the outhouse, and […]