Reflections on April, 2015


The rain falls and breathes new life into the soil, enticing green stuff to reach for the sky. It is during this month that I actually feel like Oklahoma is alive. The red dirt can sustain green life, after such a long period of dry, brittle brown. The sky is such a brilliant […]

Reflections on March, 2015

March Muscles

This month has been an exceptional one for weather, spring cleaning, getting back to work, and my mood, which has been positive and forward-thinking. At the end of February, we took a trip to Illinois to visit family. It was cold and snowing much of the time, but we did just what we […]

Reflections on October, 2014

October Evenings

Welcome, October! How I love the cooler temperatures, the receding of the grasshoppers, and the tranquility of light. When the sun begins to lower its passage across the sky, its intensity seems to lessen, and its light embellishes the landscape in a softer glow. The leaves have just barely begun to change […]