Reflections on November, 2017

clay paint

We’re now moving into the 5th year of building our home. At the beginning, I assumed it would take 2-3 years. However, my mother’s death, the birth of 2 baby boys, finances, and weather set us back months at a time. I know now more than ever what kind of dedication, attention, and especially time […]

Reflections on January, 2016

Welcome to the new year, everyone who keeps up with H.O.M.E Farm shenanigans! Lots of new stuff is taking place so far at the homestead. I feel like I usually start off the monthly blog with some nice words about the weather. Well, it’s January. If you have ever lived in the upper 40 or […]

Reflections on December, 2015

Snow is the only redeeming quality that winter’s barren landscape has to offer. It blankets the naked ground in a magical sort of way. We got some snow around the very last couple days of December, which was otherwise fairly mild. We also got ice and wind and downed power lines and felt so grateful […]