Reflections on November, 2015

November sends chilly breezes across the landscape as the winds shift and begin to blow from the cold north instead of the warm south. I always imagine the cold places the wind is originating from when it blows up my jacket and sends chills throughout my body. Maybe the cold rocks of some North […]

Reflections on July, 2015

Reflections on July, 2015: Wall Completion!

As far as Oklahoma summers go, this one has been the nicest yet. It actually rained around the 4th of July, around the middle of the month, a little shower on the 21st, and then a nice booming thunderstorm on the 31st. This rain brought comfortable clouds that […]

Reflections on May, 2015

The Month of Rain…

The week of perfect days. Those were the last couple of days of April and the first couple of days of May. The wind didn’t blow any harder than 10 mph, the sun warmed our earth and our bodies, but not too much, and perfect fluffy clouds played bumper […]