Reflections on January, 2017

Snow at Home Farm

Consisting of a mixture of pseudo-spring days and bitter cold snowy ones, January has been quite an exciting month. In the beginning, the kids watched out the window for snow and we were all pleased that it actually came down and stuck to the ground. Oklahoma often gets forecasted […]

Reflections on September, 2016

Delicious tomatoes, the juiciest cantaloupe, and a giant bag of okra kicked off this September of 2016. They didn’t come from our soil of course, but the Lawton Farmer’s Market where I sold a bit of soap and got to chat with like-minded people. I fried those okra in the cast iron over a hot […]

Reflections on July, 2016

The fireworks were a blast. The flies are terrible. The heat is miserable. Happy July. The end.

Well that’s what I felt like writing during my 102 degree fever on a 102 degree day near the end of this month. Why did I have a fever? I don’t know. I’m better now. There is more […]