Reflections on August, 2014

Them’s Grayasshoppers!

Ah, hot ol’ August again in Oklahoma, the only month that, despite my hatred for it, I miss the wind. Some days are 100 degrees with no breeze at all. It makes working on the house dreadful at times. Particularly the tamping. It requires some serious core body muscles. You know, the ones […]

Farm Tour: Forbidden Fruits Farm & Vineyard

Forbidden Fruits Farm & Vineyard Caddo County, Oklahoma

Our first farm tour in Oklahoma is so close to us, we could take an afternoon and bike there. Just a mile South of Cyril sits a new and quickly establishing farm, orchard, ranch, and vineyard. Alexis Kaiser married into the Kaiser family and moved […]

Reflections on September, 2013


The days are getting shorter, but the sun is still bright enough to kiss the corners of your eyes with new crow’s feet wrinkles while it’s out. There are far less grasshoppers than in July, largely replaced by cicadas and crickets to provide an evening symphony. The landscape is quickly turning to shades of […]

The Chickens Came First

Our First Chickens…

I have heard from many a beginning farmer that there are two ideal animals to really jump start the homestead – honeybees and chickens. As you may know, we successfully built a Top Bar Hive but from what I have read it is easier and less stressful to […]

Reflections on August, 2013

A Month of Learning, Sweating, and Getting Stuff Done

The rains have slowed back to the more typical Oklahoma climate as we got down to business on the homestead. I turned 28 again this year, not 29, and learned as much about team work as an eager 8 year old. It can be frustrating and […]