Reflections on February, 2016

earthbag home pallet roof decking

Note: This blog was posted on the day that only exists every four years, February 29th.

Feeling much less like winter than December and January, February has bestowed on us 1 day of rain, 1 day that topped out at 82, and many days with an average temp of 55-65. Pretty consistently though, it has […]

Reflections on January, 2016

Welcome to the new year, everyone who keeps up with H.O.M.E Farm shenanigans! Lots of new stuff is taking place so far at the homestead. I feel like I usually start off the monthly blog with some nice words about the weather. Well, it’s January. If you have ever lived in the upper 40 or […]

Reflections on September 2015

Reflections on September 2015: A Roof Over our Heads

This month marks a very important turning point in H.O.M.E. Farm’s history and development. We have officially moved into our earthbag home! It’s primitive, with the wind still freely blowing throughout the room, and dirt floors, and crickets wandering around underfoot. Nevertheless, we have our […]