Reflections on September, 2014

That we suffered an embarrassing, yet successful harvest this year is grounds for a post about the real dilemma of food. Embarrassing because the grasshoppers ate better than we did, and successful because we get to learn from our mistakes, which are plenty.

Let me first explain my utter hatred […]

Reflections on August, 2014

Them’s Grayasshoppers!

Ah, hot ol’ August again in Oklahoma, the only month that, despite my hatred for it, I miss the wind. Some days are 100 degrees with no breeze at all. It makes working on the house dreadful at times. Particularly the tamping. It requires some serious core body muscles. You know, the ones […]

Reflections on March, 2014

Starting Seeds, Hugelkulturs, and Earthbag Rows!

I think maybe its because February is short that we expect for March to be long. However, it always seems to fly by with a quickness, taking with it the cold out of our bones, and adding some green grass to brighten our gloomy spirits. Maybe losing […]

Reflections on November, 2013

dogs, sunset

Reflections on November: Groundbreaking!

Dogs Watching the Sunset

Why is Oklahoma so windy?

Because I don’t want to offend anyone from Kansas or Texas, you’ll have to Google the joke.

But seriously, Oklahoma is VERY windy. It’s as if, during the creation of the great state, someone said, “Let’s make Oklahoma a hardy state,” […]