Reflections on September, 2016

Delicious tomatoes, the juiciest cantaloupe, and a giant bag of okra kicked off this September of 2016. They didn’t come from our soil of course, but the Lawton Farmer’s Market where I sold a bit of soap and got to chat with like-minded people. I fried those okra in the cast iron over a hot […]

Reflections on May, 2016

Ah, the most glorious month in Oklahoma is upon us. May is gorgeous. It is fresh and green and alive and there are perfect days with sunshine and a slight breeze. These beautiful days coupled with the prospect of summer travels conjure up feelings of ultimate soul-satisfaction.

I usually save the book chat for last, […]

Reflections on July, 2013

July Flies By

I kept putting off writing this blog because I felt like we were away from the homestead so often that there wasn’t much to write about. Fortunately, reading The Oklahoman this morning sparked an idea that set off the rest of this entry. 26.9 inches fell on the majority of Oklahoma from […]

Saying Goodbye to Southern Illinois

Loadin’ up!

During my last semester at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois, I was faced with a decision that was not really all that difficult to make. The factors influencing my choice of universities within Illinois were narrowed down, in order of importance by: price, parent review of the elementary […]