Saying Goodbye to Southern Illinois

Loadin’ up!

During my last semester at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois, I was faced with a decision that was not really all that difficult to make. The factors influencing my choice of universities within Illinois were narrowed down, in order of importance by: price, parent review of the elementary […]

Farm Tour: River to River Farm

River to River Farm

Alluring Market Art

Surrounded by the gently sloping hills of the Shawnee National Forest, outside of little Tunnel Hill, Illinois, at the divide of the watersheds that belong to the Cache, Saline, and Ohio rivers, lives a troupe of goats, a mess of greens, and a couple of […]

So Where’s the Homestead? (An Introduction to Us)

This is a Homesteading Adventure Blog, right? So where is the homestead, you might ask? Well, we haven’t actually started our homesteading adventure just yet. As of April 2013, we are finishing up school and selling our trailer before we hit the road and move out onto the range. I attend Southern Illinois University in […]