Reflections on June, 2017

boy in front of beans on trellis

It is the 30th day of June and I type this next to a window that frames a glorious rain which broke the pattern of heavy and hot humidity smothering us. The cool breeze, distant thunder, and soft drops of rain are the ultimate reprieve. Thank you, Mother Earth.

Our middle guy celebrated his third […]

Reflections on June 2016

The first Zinnia to bloom in my garden!

Summer is upon us. The heat is on. The grasshoppers are just beginning to annoy our gardens, and all the rain has caused an explosion of mosquitoes. It hasn’t been miserable yet, so we’ve made some progress here and there.

Remember the drilling I was telling […]

How Much to Grow? (Part 2)

Are you old enough to remember a time when people used to grow the majority of their own food, themselves? I’m not, but I have read about these glorious times. People only went to “grocers” for items they couldn’t produce themselves, like sugar, salt, vanilla and gluten-free coconut flour. (Just kidding on the last one.) […]

How Much to Grow (Part 1)

How do we Know How Much to Grow? Part 1: The Ultimate Receipt Sleuthing Guide

Growing all of your food is quite a feat that takes patience and understanding of plants, nutrition, and soil health. Most people start with small gardens and work their way up to growing more and more, until they only head […]