H.O.M.E.School Journal: 5th Grade Review (2016-2017)

dry ice science

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We survived our first year of homeschool!

In the last homeschool post, I might have mentioned that I would do a quarterly review. I might have been a tad ambitious. In fact, you might be able […]

9 Secular Podcasts for the Homeschooling Mama (2017)

Here’s the second round of homeschool-related podcasts for your listening pleasure! These gems of educational ear-candy are in no particular order. I’ve listed only the ones that have excellent audio-quality and can be found on most podcast apps, like Podcast Addict (my personal favorite), I-tunes, and Stitcher. If there is one that I missed, please […]

Reflections on October, 2016

October is a second spring in this region. Plants that appeared desiccated to their death have reawakened. Fall rains and cooler temps have granted them new life. So many of the trees we planted in spring were presumed dead after the summer heat, grasshopper pressure, and accidental grazing of the cows. 4 out of 6 […]

Reflections on September, 2016

Delicious tomatoes, the juiciest cantaloupe, and a giant bag of okra kicked off this September of 2016. They didn’t come from our soil of course, but the Lawton Farmer’s Market where I sold a bit of soap and got to chat with like-minded people. I fried those okra in the cast iron over a hot […]

H.O.M.E.School Journal: “Pre” School

shelf with homeschool books

An idea came to me while listening to a homeschool podcast the other day. Particularly, Pam Barnhill’s Homeschool Snapshots podcast. She interviews homeschool moms and asks them all the same or similar questions, so you get a really good view of their common and not-so-common worries, rewards, and inspirations. Most parents get very excited about […]