Reflections on May, 2014

My Favorite Month in Oklahoma Thus Far

Cloudy Skies

Being 9 months pregnant on our farm has not been very fun. Bending over is required for nearly every task, I can’t lift the sledgehammer anymore, and camping chairs are NOT made for pregnant ladies. I could go on complaining about the discomfort of our […]

Reflections on October, 2013

October 2013: The Month of Changing Weather and Changing Moods

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 10 Americans suffers from depression. I know what you’re thinking. Oh no, I don’t want to read a Negative-Nancy post about depression. It’ll make me feel sad too. Well, I assure you this post ends on […]

Farm Tour: Forbidden Fruits Farm & Vineyard

Forbidden Fruits Farm & Vineyard Caddo County, Oklahoma

Our first farm tour in Oklahoma is so close to us, we could take an afternoon and bike there. Just a mile South of Cyril sits a new and quickly establishing farm, orchard, ranch, and vineyard. Alexis Kaiser married into the Kaiser family and moved […]

So Where’s the Homestead? (An Introduction to Us)

This is a Homesteading Adventure Blog, right? So where is the homestead, you might ask? Well, we haven’t actually started our homesteading adventure just yet. As of April 2013, we are finishing up school and selling our trailer before we hit the road and move out onto the range. I attend Southern Illinois University in […]

A True Oklahoman

Just before our recent Spring Break trip to our soon-to-be homestead, I did some research on museums and places to see, and came across an inspiring description of what it is to be an Oklahoman. The five characteristics, boast the Gaylord Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum, are perseverance, optimism, pioneer spirit, individualism and generosity. Individualism is […]