Reflections on February, 2017

Wow, talk about a short winter. I think we’ve had over 5 days of t-shirt weather and fewer than that number of freezing nights. I’ve noticed that my mood fluctuates according to the weather. On the days when it has felt like spring and even summer, I am full of energy and exuberant about […]

Reflections on July, 2016

The fireworks were a blast. The flies are terrible. The heat is miserable. Happy July. The end.

Well that’s what I felt like writing during my 102 degree fever on a 102 degree day near the end of this month. Why did I have a fever? I don’t know. I’m better now. There is more […]

Reflections on February, 2016

earthbag home pallet roof decking

Note: This blog was posted on the day that only exists every four years, February 29th.

Feeling much less like winter than December and January, February has bestowed on us 1 day of rain, 1 day that topped out at 82, and many days with an average temp of 55-65. Pretty consistently though, it has […]

Reflections on January, 2016

Welcome to the new year, everyone who keeps up with H.O.M.E Farm shenanigans! Lots of new stuff is taking place so far at the homestead. I feel like I usually start off the monthly blog with some nice words about the weather. Well, it’s January. If you have ever lived in the upper 40 or […]

Reflections on November, 2015

November sends chilly breezes across the landscape as the winds shift and begin to blow from the cold north instead of the warm south. I always imagine the cold places the wind is originating from when it blows up my jacket and sends chills throughout my body. Maybe the cold rocks of some North […]