Reflections on February, 2017

Wow, talk about a short winter. I think we’ve had over 5 days of t-shirt weather and fewer than that number of freezing nights. I’ve noticed that my mood fluctuates according to the weather. On the days when it has felt like spring and even summer, I am full of energy and exuberant about […]

Reflections on January, 2017

Snow at Home Farm

Consisting of a mixture of pseudo-spring days and bitter cold snowy ones, January has been quite an exciting month. In the beginning, the kids watched out the window for snow and we were all pleased that it actually came down and stuck to the ground. Oklahoma often gets forecasted […]

Reflections on August, 2016

In case you were wondering, building a house is exhausting. I mean serious, fall-asleep-before-your-head-hits-the-pillow exhausting. We’ve been at this house-building business for 3 years now and I am tired! I’m tired of climbing up on the roof, looking for misplaced tools, cobbing and re-cobbing, cooking on fires and unconventional stoves, traipsing to the outhouse, and […]

Reflections on July, 2016

The fireworks were a blast. The flies are terrible. The heat is miserable. Happy July. The end.

Well that’s what I felt like writing during my 102 degree fever on a 102 degree day near the end of this month. Why did I have a fever? I don’t know. I’m better now. There is more […]

Reflections on June 2016

The first Zinnia to bloom in my garden!

Summer is upon us. The heat is on. The grasshoppers are just beginning to annoy our gardens, and all the rain has caused an explosion of mosquitoes. It hasn’t been miserable yet, so we’ve made some progress here and there.

Remember the drilling I was telling […]