Reflections on February, 2017

Wow, talk about a short winter. I think we’ve had over 5 days of t-shirt weather and fewer than that number of freezing nights. I’ve noticed that my mood fluctuates according to the weather. On the days when it has felt like spring and even summer, I am full of energy and exuberant about […]

Our H.O.M.E. Farm Home-Birth Story

Disclaimer: This story contains very real human experiences and photos that may be too unconventional for some individuals. Read at your own risk, and remember, its okay to be open-minded. Your brain isn’t going to fall out.

On June 4th I got up in the morning and felt a tiny contraction, just a hint of […]

Reflections on May, 2014

My Favorite Month in Oklahoma Thus Far

Cloudy Skies

Being 9 months pregnant on our farm has not been very fun. Bending over is required for nearly every task, I can’t lift the sledgehammer anymore, and camping chairs are NOT made for pregnant ladies. I could go on complaining about the discomfort of our […]