Reflections on December, 2017

archway cob home farm

Solar power is in the pipeline!

The ground mount frame for the solar array is now secured in the ground. Each of the 12 posts are stabilized 6 feet underground with concrete. The lateral frame has been welded to the upright posts. The end caps are secured to keep wasps from making nests in them. […]

My Year in Books: 2017

2017 reading challenge

2017 has been an exceptional reading year for me, given the circumstances. Through childbirth and breastfeeding, continuing work on the earthbag home, and all the usual joys of family life, I was still able to prioritize reading.

This was my first year attempting a reading challenge. I got the idea from my Facebook book […]

Reflections on April, 2017

April showers are no match for our homestead endeavors! We made some real progress this month. First and most importantly, we are totally and entirely waterproof! No more buckets to catch drips from the roof. No more hot black roof heating up the house in our long summers. No more flappy, degrading underlayment material up […]