Reflections on March, 2016

H.O.M.E. Farm from afar

I thought March was supposed to be rainy. We’ve only had a little rain this month. I sure love the “spring green up,” with all the new life growing up in the pastures. The redbuds are the first to bloom. They started showing their girly pinks around the 12th of […]

Reflections on October, 2015

Living in an off-grid situation makes one resilient, creative, and open to utilizing resources in a way that most people might never imagine. It makes one more independent and less reliant on external inputs. It also makes one sincerely appreciate the very on-grid occupation and practice of modern dentistry. Some off-grid folks are so gung-ho […]

Reflections on September 2015

Reflections on September 2015: A Roof Over our Heads

This month marks a very important turning point in H.O.M.E. Farm’s history and development. We have officially moved into our earthbag home! It’s primitive, with the wind still freely blowing throughout the room, and dirt floors, and crickets wandering around underfoot. Nevertheless, we have our […]

Reflections on August, 2015: Reciprocity

Reflections on August: Reciprocity

Reciprocal: in mutual relation; concerning, given, or owed by each with regard to the other. A compliment. Reciprocate: give and return mutually; act in return or response Reciprocity: mutual exchange or aid; cooperation Reciprocating engine: One in which pistons move backward and forward. (Webster)

The reciprocal frame roof consists of at […]