Reflections on October, 2015

Living in an off-grid situation makes one resilient, creative, and open to utilizing resources in a way that most people might never imagine. It makes one more independent and less reliant on external inputs. It also makes one sincerely appreciate the very on-grid occupation and practice of modern dentistry. Some off-grid folks are so gung-ho […]

Reflections on August, 2015: Reciprocity

Reflections on August: Reciprocity

Reciprocal: in mutual relation; concerning, given, or owed by each with regard to the other. A compliment. Reciprocate: give and return mutually; act in return or response Reciprocity: mutual exchange or aid; cooperation Reciprocating engine: One in which pistons move backward and forward. (Webster)

The reciprocal frame roof consists of at […]

Reflections on July, 2015

Reflections on July, 2015: Wall Completion!

As far as Oklahoma summers go, this one has been the nicest yet. It actually rained around the 4th of July, around the middle of the month, a little shower on the 21st, and then a nice booming thunderstorm on the 31st. This rain brought comfortable clouds that […]