Reflections on February, 2015

Surviving February

Sunset behind a Southwest Oklahoma Oak

Oklahoma February is a roller coaster of weather. Some days are frigid and windy and icey, and others are in the 70’s for 3-4 day stretches. During all of these days, no matter the weather, the cattlemen must continue the work of raising and […]

Reflections on November & December 2014

I wondered when this would happen, knowing it was inevitable. We got too busy to keep up on the blog. So, that is why these last two months of 2014 are crammed together into one post. What has been keeping us so busy, you ask? Well, there were a couple of days in November where […]

Reflections on August, 2014

Them’s Grayasshoppers!

Ah, hot ol’ August again in Oklahoma, the only month that, despite my hatred for it, I miss the wind. Some days are 100 degrees with no breeze at all. It makes working on the house dreadful at times. Particularly the tamping. It requires some serious core body muscles. You know, the ones […]

Reflections on July, 2014

Time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’ into the future.

To produce much of one’s own food is the epitome of self and family health. It allows the grower to know exactly what went into the production of that food and thus, exactly what went into the bodies of the family who consumed it. There is […]

Reflections on April, 2014

This month, I thought I’d do the blog a little differently. There is a monthly magazine that comes to the in-law’s house called Farm and Ranch Living. It is a quaint and nostalgic compilation of stories from people who live on and with their land. Each month features a diary of a particular family and […]