Reflections on July, 2014

Time keeps on tickin’ tickin’ tickin’ into the future.

To produce much of one’s own food is the epitome of self and family health. It allows the grower to know exactly what went into the production of that food and thus, exactly what went into the bodies of the family who consumed it. There is […]

Reflections on June, 2014

June is my second favorite month in Oklahoma. Our second son was born on the 5th. You can read about our Home Birth Story if you haven’t already. The day of his birth was almost a record heat day at 95 degrees. It was 96 degrees on that day in 1977. The other 29 days […]

Reflections on May, 2014

My Favorite Month in Oklahoma Thus Far

Cloudy Skies

Being 9 months pregnant on our farm has not been very fun. Bending over is required for nearly every task, I can’t lift the sledgehammer anymore, and camping chairs are NOT made for pregnant ladies. I could go on complaining about the discomfort of our […]